The Bottom Line It’s the ugliest printer we’ve ever seen, but it gives birth to prints that shimmer. Create a free account to like this page. Visit our Competitions Forum, where you’ll find our monthly competition and other external competitions to enter. Press OK again brings the picture up to full screen and you have a choice of edit or print. Considering the rest of the unit has been designed in a vertical orientation it seems like a bizarre decision to feed the paper horizontally.

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Although this is our first encounter with them, they seem to have gone a fair way towards achieving their aim! We have extensive experiences and a thriving patent portfolio to replace the traditional silver halide method. Calibrate your monitor so you can see 16 different shades: A release button on the top allows the front of the unit to pop open and the ribbon unit to be fitted. Directory Pages Search for all the latest photography gear and services in our dedicated photography directories.

With a steady green light, in goes a CF card from the nearest camera. Imaging Profession With thinking ahead and innovative product planning, we continue to establish self-owned patents and accredited technology to strengthen our core competitiveness across the commercial and consumer imaging markets.

And if you’re new to digital photography and horrified that each print costs so much, consider that you only need print the ones you absolutely love, so you don’t throw away the ones that didn’t come out right.

How it works Front view with open door. HiTi PS Photo printer. Huti interesting ‘pick the best photo’ experiment has been taking place on the internet and now, the results have been announced so let’s find out which smartphone, the world, thinks takes the best photos. The Bad Expensive consumables; unappealing looks.


This is comparable with high street developers excluding special offersbut of course you have to buy the printer as well. The mobile world might finally get exciting again in Can’t access your account? As the HiTi produces a photograph it inhales and exhales the photo paper four separate times.

Although the HiTi generates fair results even from a PictBridge connection, the difference even a few simple tweaks in Photoshop made to our finished prints was remarkable. Having said that, the print quality is excellent. You should make sure that the paper cartridge is clicked firmly into place when you replace sheets.

PictBridge-compatible digital cameras connect directly to the USB port on the front of the printer and hito are transferred using the on-screen menu system.

HiTi Photo Printer PS Dye-sub Printer Review

With thinking ahead and pa product planning, we continue to establish self-owned patents and accredited technology to strengthen our core competitiveness across the commercial and consumer imaging markets. The romance of darkrooms and chemical solutions is long gone for most amateur photographers, and we’re left with this clinical-looking device: A combination of these colours can be used to recreate the entire spectrum of light found in a photograph.

Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone Is Real! We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. You can watch this process happen. The easy to use and convenient TFT LCD handheld controller allows previewing and editing of photographs before printing.


Honor 6C Pro surfaces.

Running Costs With the advent of inkjet manufacturers litigating against third party ink suppliers and the price of dye-sublimation printers coming down rapidly, the hiyi of owning and running one of these printers is looking more attractive all the time. This means that HiTi has inadvertently tripled the size of the PS in comparison to other photoprinters.

HiTi 641PS – Printers and MFPs specifications.

The HiTi PS’ handheld controller can directly run the connected digital camera as a card reader for quick printing, eliminating any potential memory card compatibility issues or read images from USB key drives and other portable storage devices. Once the photo is printed, you can snap off the two borders on either side of the photo paper to make the print a perfect xmm photograph.

Despite looking like an air-conditioning unit, it’s better featured than many of its ilk: But the paper disappears again to get an over coating you know this by now because the little screen tells you so before dropping down onto the top of the paper tray. Consumables for the HiTi include glossy photo paper in dedicated reams of 50 sheets. You must be a member to leave a comment.

The rocker wheel lets you scroll through them until you find one that you want to print.